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NWMedia ltd is a young it company based in crosby, liverpool. we offer various services related to software and hardware computer and device repairs.

    Our Director stared the company in 2008 with the intention of developing apps and software for IOS and other platforms. With a background in Engineering and a lifelong interest and talent for all things mechanical and electrical.

    We have developed and released a number of apps to the apple app store and have a number of ideas in development. We can provide advice and our insights about future potential app ideas, the costs and implications of various marketing techniques.

     We can develop high quality game apps for a wide range of platforms using UE3 and more recently the amazing UE4 game engine. With the development iterations process we have experience a huge exposure to the apple hardware and its capabilities. We can Engineer and test a high performance requirement dynamic game targeted to run on each specific device using resource management techniques.

     With already the background in technology and a keen interest in electronics hardware and software our skills and experience have increased since opening such to a point that we can now begin to expand our portfolio of products and services.

    We can perform high quality repairs on all IOS devices and are now a registered iCracked, iTech affiliate.

    We have the skills to design, develop and publish high quality and content websites using HTML CSS with Bootstrap 3. Some of which is displayed in out web section. We can build and code the site with the rules of SEO ( Search engine optimization), in mind so that your website will appear high in the search engine results for your desired keywords.


02 of january, 2015

website design finalised

We are using a bootstrap 3 template and have published the files to the server using an FTP client. Settling on a menu and page structure.

04 of january, 2015

website content creation and seo

Optimizing the words content of a website to contain the correct frequency of keywords desired. Clean HTML and keywords in the correct Title and div tags.

what our clients say about us

Fantastic service. Immediate response, dispach and repair. 
Jesica Miller, Bootle
AA++ would recommend as 30min turnaround screen repair service...
Adam Smith, Wavertree
Fantastic repair service, thank you very much XX
Jenny, Mulqueen 
blah it works
Jim Bates, Liverpool
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